Camana Bay Vehicular Underpass

Camana Bay Town Centre Roundabout and Vehicular Underpass Set to Open

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On Monday, June 26, the National Roads Authority (NRA) will officially open the new three-lane Camana Bay Town Centre Roundabout, a vehicular underpass and a pedestrian ramp on the new Esterley Tibbetts Highway (ETH). All three infrastructure projects are part of the Third Amendment to the NRA Agreement between Dart Real Estate and the Cayman Islands Government.

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Cassia Court, Camana Bay

Camana Bay Times: The Town Centre: Green By Design

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On any given day you will find people enjoying the leafy green spaces that give shape to Camana Bay’s great outdoors. In this eco-friendly Town Centre, it is evident that people are naturally drawn to nature, seeking respite from their modern lives with hopes to revive spirits, refresh minds or simply enjoy a little serenity. For more than 20 years, the green-thumbed team of Dart’s nursery operations has understood the significant role that nature plays in people’s lives.

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Jackie Doak Mother's Day

Camana Bay Blog: Meet Jackie Doak

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Jackie Doak is known to most as the President of Dart Real Estate, but at home, she’s just “Mom”. Often described by her peers and employees as a superwoman, Jackie humbly concedes it isn’t easy juggling work and home. “With today’s technology and 24 hour connectivity, the concept of ‘work/life balance’ doesn’t exist; for me it’s work/life integration,” she said when asked how she fulfills the roles of president, wife and mother. “I carefully choose how I spend my time.”

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Personnel 2000

Camana Bay Blog: Spotlight On: Personnel 2000

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Looking for brightest talent in unlikely spaces – that’s the mission of Personnel 2000, the only recruitment agency located in Camana Bay. Calling Camana Bay its choice location for its growing staff, Personnel 2000 specialises in both temporary and permanent recruitment, HR outsourcing, immigration and payroll services. The company is now in its 20th year of operation in the Cayman Islands.

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Dart Glass Crushing Facility

Camana Bay Blog: The Journey of a Bottle

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Hundreds of glass jars and empty wine and beer bottles are disposed at Camana Bay’s recycling centre, where they journey through a second life. The bottles are crushed at Dart’s Glass Crushing Facility and sold to entities such as Flowers Block, which mixes the crushed glass material with aggregate to produce concrete pavers like those found on the Community Bike & Walk Trail at Kimpton Seafire.

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