Dart Glass Crushing Facility

Camana Bay Blog: The Journey of a Bottle

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Hundreds of glass jars and empty wine and beer bottles are disposed at Camana Bay’s recycling centre, where they journey through a second life. The bottles are crushed at Dart’s Glass Crushing Facility and sold to entities such as Flowers Block, which mixes the crushed glass material with aggregate to produce concrete pavers like those found on the Community Bike & Walk Trail at Kimpton Seafire.

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Camana Bay

Camana Bay Times: The Evolution of Camana Bay’s Landscape Design

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Camana Bay’s landscape design was conceived to specifically reflect the unique natural and cultural heritage of the Cayman Islands; to be authentically Caymanian, but embrace modern aesthetics. By the principles of “New Urbanism,” Camana Bay would be a sustainable, multi-purpose community but, unlike some international developments, would not attempt to replicate older architectural styles.

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One Nexus Way

Camana Bay Times: Camana Bay’s Building Evolution

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Just like any other town, Camana Bay has evolved. It’s not just the tenants that have evolved in the decade since the Town Centre opened; the landscaping has evolved; the type of visitors has evolved; they way people use the spaces has evolved; and, as One Nexus Way – Camana Bay’s next Class A office building – exemplifies, design and construction have also evolved.

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94 Solaris Ave

Camana Bay Times: Camana Bay’s LED Conversion Enters Last Stage

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The five-year project to replace or retrofit all of Camana Bay’s common areas with environmentally friendly LED lighting enters its last stage in the first quarter of 2017. The initiative, which began in 2012, is intended to inspire greater local appreciation for the growing reliability for energy-efficient LED, reduce energy consumption and reduce Camana Bay’s carbon footprint.

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Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa

Architectural Digest: Tour the First New Hotel to Open in Grand Cayman in 10 Years

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For its first foray outside the U.S., the boutique hotel brand Kimpton chose the ultra-chic Seven Mile Beach in the Caribbean’s Cayman Islands. British colonial design elements combine with weathered woods and stone to channel the Caribbean aesthetic vernacular in the hotel’s airy public spaces and 266 rooms—all of which are perched 24 feet above sea level.

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