Camana Bay Blog: Camana Bay’s Brand-New Christmas Decor Goes Green

November 23, 2016Blog
Camana Bay Tree Lighting

Green is a central colour in the new Christmas decorations at Camana Bay this holiday season, but they are also green in a different way.

Continuing an initiative to change out Camana Bay’s lighting to make it more environmentally friendly, all 40,000 lights on the new Christmas tree and all 3,000 strands throughout the Town Centre are energy-efficient LED bulbs. If stretched out, the lights would reach all the way from East End to West Bay.

LED light bulbs use at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and can last 25 times longer. In addition, recent studies show LED lights attract fewer flying insects than other forms of lighting.  Camana Bay will soon switch its street lights to LED lighting as well, the final stage of an initiative to replace all of the incandescent lights in the Town Centre.

In addition to the Christmas tree, other new decorations include wreathes and all of Santa’s original reindeer getting into the holiday spirit in different places of Camana Bay, while Rudolph relaxes on a lounge chair on The Island. If you visit Rudolph and his nose so bright after nightfall, you can even see it glow.

The 37-foot-tall Christmas tree is a double helix that features 3,000 ornaments in addition to the LED lights. The more than 250 branches on the tree took 180 arm-scratching man hours to fluff out.

Camana Bay’s Christmas season officially got started last Saturday with the annual Tree Lighting. There will be a steady stream of Christmas-themed event through 22 December and then the holiday season will end with two spectacular fireworks displays and a rockin’ New Year’s Eve party with Camana Bay Countdown on 31 December.

For a full listing of holiday happenings, visit their Events or Holiday pages.

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