The Best Island Christmas Traditions

December 22, 2017Blog
Christmas in Cayman

The Dart offices will close today at 5pm EST for the holidays, but before we say goodbye to you and to 2017, we want to share a few of our team’s favourite Christmas traditions and how they like to spend the holidays in Grand Cayman.

“Every year, on the night of Christmas Eve, my kids climb into the car with their blankets and pillows and we drive around the island to see the houses decorated in fairy lights. It’s become a tradition for us.” – Nasaria Budal, Marketing Manager

“I love playing golf in weather so cold that you may need to wear a light sweater when the temperature plummets to the low seventies late in the day.” – Cameron Graham, President

“My dad dives up a lobster and we admire it with our kids. Then, at home, he prepares everything while we watch. We talk about our adventure while dipping warm fresh lobster in lime butter sauce. It’s a delectable Christmas delight we’ve been doing for 10 years now.” Andrea Bothwell, Assistant Property Manager

Christmas in Cayman

“Every year my mom and I fill each other’s stockings and open them first thing on Christmas Day together.” – Alyson Hay, Senior Marketing Coordinator

“We listen to the 1973’s ‘A Motown Christmas’ album and we watch ‘Little Women’ on Christmas Eve. Every year we talk over the TV and never, EVER get through the entire movie! On Christmas morning, we cook brunch and open our stockings and presents.” – Diana Virtue, Assistant Property Manager

“When school breaks for the holidays, my family and I spend a day at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. With the Christmas Breezes, it’s so pleasant to walk the Woodland Trail and explore all the gardens. We always take a photo of the kids perched on a horizontal growing branch in the Colour Garden to show how much they’ve grown.” – Melissa Ladley, Senior Brand Manager

Christmas in Cayman

“My favourite Cayman Christmas tradition after we unwrap our presents is to go out on the boat in the North Sound and go conching and catch lobster, then head over to Rum Point and enjoy a little Champagne and play with the kids’ water toys from Santa. Nothing beats the warm Caribbean Sea on Christmas Day!” – Aimee Bush, VP of Finance

“In Trinidad, where I am from, we become quite “Spanish” at this time of year. At Christmas, we sing “parang,” – music sung in Spanish accompanied with musical instruments like cuatros and maracas. We eat “pastels”, which resemble modern-day tamales. It’s not Christmas in my house until the twangs of parang and the aroma of pastels are in the air.” – Tammi Sulliman, News & PR Manager

“Every year, on Christmas Day morning my husband goes for a dive with his buddies while I cook breakfast.” – Jo Gammage, Senior Brand Manager

Christmas in Cayman

“On Christmas Day, we get up and Skype or Face Time our relatives. Then we have mimosas, chocolate-dipped strawberries and French toast for breakfast. After, we don bathing suits and swim off breakfast at the beach. We love spending the day at the beach at Christmas. It may sound silly since we live here, but with our hectic work and school schedules, we rarely find time to spend an entire day together doing nothing but swimming, a bit of paddle-boarding, taking out a hobie cat or napping on a sunbed.” – Sue Nickason, VP of Real Estate Marketing

“Every Christmas Eve we go to the carols and lessons service at our local church and drive home passing by the local homes who go the extra mile with their Christmas decorations. When we get home we open one (small) present as a teaser, have a mince pie or sugar cookie and set out the snacks for Santa and his reindeer before going to bed. It’s a nice way to have a really meaningful, festive evening and get everyone in the spirit before Christmas morning. I would say Christmas Eve has actually become my favourite part of the holiday now!” – Anna Wootton, PR Manager

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