Kapok: Camana Bay’s new residential building

February 4, 2021Blog

By Andrea Lumsden

Dart continues to meet growing demand for centrally located places to live and work with its latest project and Camana Bay’s newest residential offering — a mixed-use apartment building rising 10 storeys and featuring 89 for-lease units in a prime Town Centre location.

Named after the majestic, tropical ceiba tree, Kapok will span over 140,000 square feet to meet an increased demand in Class A retail space and residential rentals in the heart of the Town Centre.

With construction currently underway adjacent to Foster’s supermarket on Solaris Avenue, the building is scheduled for completion in late 2022.

High design
Like all of Dart’s development projects, Kapok is a thoughtfully designed, tightly edited structure — top to bottom, inside and out. The building’s exterior is carefully orchestrated with a series of large windows, balconies and terraces, and an airy lobby.

“Kapok may be dramatic in scale,” says Dart President Real Estate Asset Management Justin Howe. “But it’s also unpretentious and effortless. It’s a vertical village that will feel welcoming to its residents and attractive to Camana Bay visitors out shopping or strolling by.”

Dart President Real Estate Asset Management Justin Howe

Dart’s team of design professionals collaborated to deliver on the building’s modern design, which includes use of metal, stone and concrete, balanced with a subtle use of colour in both its exterior and interior, giving it a light and carefree atmosphere. Details such as wood panels, warm lighting and tropical accents will ground the soaring structure. A second-floor terrace will feature a swimming pool and outdoor kitchen with grills, and the rooftop will boast an observation deck with panoramic views.

The design team worked hard to ensure that Kapok will be a bustling retail addition to the Town Centre, while at the same time offering places to call home on the upper floors. Residences will range from studio units to three-bedroom dwellings, each appointed with a private balcony or terrace. Tenants will also have access to a leisure lounge and dedicated parking.

Like all Camana Bay buildings, Kapok will use sustainably sourced materials in its construction and meet or exceed the highest standards of green, eco-friendly design.

High demand
As the rest of the world grapples with the many challenges caused by COVID-19, the Cayman Islands has not only managed to contain the community spread of the virus, but also continues to thrive as a top global financial centre. Additionally, despite the strain on the local tourism sector caused by travel restrictions, the real estate market remains strong.

“We are very fortunate in Cayman,” says Dart Senior Manager of Leasing Jennifer Ebanks. “Our government’s excellent response to the pandemic has resulted in continued confidence in Cayman’s real estate offerings.”

Dart Senior Manager of Leasing, Jennifer Ebanks

Ebanks says the market’s resiliency is exemplified in Camana Bay’s 2020 occupancy rates, which increased to 98% in the past year as a result of an increasing need for commercial, retail and residential real estate options.

That need also advanced the construction of another structure to the south of the development, Camana Bay’s newest commercial office building, 60 Nexus Way, she said.

“We’re delighted to offer new retail and residential space at Kapok,” says Ebanks. “It will meet the growing demand we are experiencing while being a perfect addition to our property portfolio. And, of course, the building itself will be stunning.”

Location, location, location
Kapok’s location will connect the northern edge of Camana Bay with the heart of its retail row along Market Street, creating a greater sense of place while elevating both the shopping experience and the Town Centre’s walkability.

“We already have existing retail tenants expressing interest in expanding and relocating to Kapok,” says Ebanks. “They understand that it will be a sweet spot for foot traffic with its captive audience of building residents, Foster’s shoppers and people walking or driving by.”

Ebanks says that an opportunity also exists for retail space to be accessed through the building’s lobby, making it an ideal location to cater to residents’ needs such as fitness, wellness and concierge services.

Kapok’s landscape design will feature Camana Bay’s typical use of indigenous flora and tropical shrubs. Naturally, plans will include the towering kapok tree — two of which will be carefully transplanted — punctuating the building perfectly with Mother Nature’s calming influence.

In addition to accepting early interest in the retail space, inquiries are being received for residential rental opportunities, Ebanks said. Although residential pre-leasing will not commence until 2022, interested tenants can contact Provenance Properties — the official Christie’s International Real Estate affiliate — to be added to a waiting list.

“Needless to say, we’re thrilled to offer Kapok,” says Ebanks. “It will add a fresh layer of vibrancy to Camana Bay.”

The Dart leasing team is currently accepting applications for retail leasing only. For more information, email [email protected] or call +1.345.640.3600.

This article will also appear in February’s print issue of Camana Bay Times.

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Andrea Lumsden has worked with Dart since 2013 and has been writing professionally since 2003. Graduating from university with a BA in Communication, Andrea has worked with clients across a range of industries, including financial services, hospitality and real estate. Raised in the Cayman Islands, she’s a bookworm at heart who enjoys cooking and travelling with her husband and three children.

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