How Does LEED Improve Working in Grand Cayman?

April 25, 2018Blog
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18 Forum Lane is the first LEED® Gold-certified Class-A office building in the Caribbean and seamlessly blends into the architecture of Camana Bay – a 685-acre New Urbanism community in Grand Cayman.

LEED® stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is an internationally recognised programme, which encompasses a thorough checklist of energy-efficient ratings. The more items you can check off, the higher the LEED rating.

This achievement means that 18 Forum Lane can offer unparalleled energy cost savings for its tenants, which include PwC, Hurley’s Media Ltd., Cayman Dental and Cayman Orthodontics, Vivcourt and recently, Soctiabank. This also creates the ideal environment for employee attraction, retention and engagement – some of these characteristics include:

  • A 100kw solar array system maximises cost-saving benefits for tenants’ utility costs, achieving an estimated savings of 32 per cent over comparable buildings. In addition, all lighting is LED or compact fluorescent.
  • The building’s slender, linear architecture maximises sunlight diffusion. This ensures tenants have good natural daylight and offers interesting views to help boost mental health and productivity.
  • The landscaping uses drought-tolerant plants and trees, lowering the water demand for the area and preserving the landscape.
  • Water savings continue thanks to the roof slope, which collects rainwater that is held in a 50,000 gallon cistern – this water is used to flush toilets as well as for the Town Centre’s irrigation system.
  • The metal sun shades minimise solar heat gain and the design is inspired by the corrugated zinc roofs of traditional Caymanian cottages, a homage to Cayman’s architectural past.
  • Overarching aluminium shutters are present and help to cast shadows onto the building, which equates to cooler temperatures within the building.
  • The lobby and breezeway entrance are marked by a large, amber-coloured, aluminium and steel canopy. This increases the sense of destination to the main entrance of the building, defining the building’s natural “front door”.
  • The breezeway helps to funnel air flow into the courtyard, decreasing temperatures and increasing pedestrian comfort.

Given the above it’s no surprise that 18 Forum Lane won the 2017 Governor’s Award for Design and Construction Excellence in the Cayman Islands.

Camana Bay’s newest commercial building, One Nexus Way, is also built to LEED Gold-certification and is located next to 18 Forum Lane. The two buildings share Camana Bay’s largest courtyard, Heliconia Court, a 20,000-square-foot lushly landscaped space filled with seating areas and a quiet park-like tree grove. This versatile space is accessible to the public and can be used as an alternative meeting spot, entertaining staff/guests or simply a getaway place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Sidewalks also help to connect these buildings to Camana Bay’s Town Centre, which offers an array of amenities and services within reach, such as laundry and dry cleaning, dental and medical care, mailbox services, restaurants, cafes and more. This reduces gas emissions by eliminating the need to use vehicles.

Here are nine ways in which One Nexus Way has embraced sustainability:

  1. Solar panels and solar hot water technology. Both located on the roof, these features play an integral part in One Nexus Way’s energy efficiency
  2. Sunshades. The design of One Nexus Way’s corrugated and perforated sun shades were inspired by the zinc roofs common to Caymanian traditional architecture, and block 75 per cent of the sunlight without obscuring the views of the Caribbean Sea. The shading reduces the amount of heat entering the building, resulting in reduced energy consumption.
  3. Landscaping. Trees cover fifty percent of the hardscape. Paired with materials, colours and structures designed for high solar reflectivity, One Nexus Way effectively minimises the “heat island effect,” by reducing air temperatures giving tenants relief from the Caribbean heat.
  4. Open Space. The building’s design maximises open space and promotes walkability around the Camana Bay town centre.
  5. Bike Storage. The building features bike storage and changing rooms to promote good health and encourage tenants to commute via bike leading to a reduction of greenhouse gases from cars.
  6. Enhanced refrigeration management. One Nexus Way’s refrigerant system is free of HCFCs or halons that deplete the ozone and contribute to global climate change.
  7. Measurement and Verification. One Nexus Way has a sophisticated measurement and verification system, including additional meters to monitor the building’s electrical and water use, so the landlord can identify any loss of energy efficiency or detect even the smallest water leaks.
  8. Water Efficiency. One Nexus way features water efficient fixtures and landscaping featuring drought resistant and tolerant local plants reduce the demand for irrigation by 50 percent.
  9. Responsible Material Supply.  All wood was sourced from the Forest Stewardship Council, to ensure responsible forest management.

One Nexus Way’s eco-friendly and energy efficient design make it one of the best places to set up your business in the Cayman Islands.

To learn more about working in the Cayman Islands and spaces available at 18 Forum Lane or One Nexus Way, contact [email protected].

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