Nine Reasons Why One Nexus Way is an Eco-Friendly Office Space on Grand Cayman

August 10, 2018Blog, Commercial
One Nexus Way is a prime eco-conscious Grand Cayman office space

One Nexus Way, Camana Bay’s newest commercial building, is prime eco-conscious office space on Grand Cayman. Comprised of 82,000 square feet, the building offers a wide range of spaces for lease perfect for office, retail or restaurants.

Designed to achieve LEED© Gold certification, One Nexus Way is the pinnacle of modern, environmentally conscious office space on Grand Cayman. Its eco-friendly features include:

Solar panels and solar hot water technology. Both located on the roof, these features play an integral part in One Nexus Way’s energy efficiency

Sunshades. The design of One Nexus Way’s corrugated and perforated sun shades were inspired by the zinc roofs common to Caymanian traditional architecture, and block 75 per cent of the sunlight without obscuring the views of the Caribbean Sea. The shading reduces the amount of heat entering the building, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

Landscaping. Trees cover fifty percent of the hardscape. Paired with materials, colours and structures designed for high solar reflectivity, One Nexus Way effectively minimises the “heat island effect,” by reducing air temperatures giving tenants relief from the Caribbean heat.

Open Space. The building’s design maximises open space and promotes walkability around the Camana Bay town centre.

Bike Storage. The building features bike storage and changing rooms to promote good health and encourage tenants to commute via bike leading to a reduction of greenhouse gases from cars.

Enhanced refrigeration management. One Nexus Way’s refrigerant system is free of HCFCs or halons that deplete the ozone and contribute to global climate change.

Measurement and Verification. One Nexus Way has a sophisticated measurement and verification system, including additional meters to monitor the building’s electrical and water use, so the landlord can identify any loss of energy efficiency or detect even the smallest water leaks.

Water Efficiency. One Nexus way features water efficient fixtures and landscaping featuring drought resistant and tolerant local plants reduce the demand for irrigation by 50 percent.

Responsible Material Supply.  All wood was sourced from the Forest Stewardship Council, to ensure responsible forest management.

One Nexus Way’s eco-friendly and energy efficient design make it one of the best places to set up your business in the Cayman Islands.

For more information about leasing at One Nexus Way, visit our commercial leasing page. 

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