President Jackie Doak is Excited for KAABOO Cayman

May 15, 2018Blog

The wait is over. We are excited to welcome The Chainsmokers, Duran Duran, Zedd, Flo Rida, Sean Paul, David Spade and more to the Cayman Islands for KAABOO – a music, arts, culinary and comedy festival that is sure to be like none other than we have experienced in the Caribbean. Click here to see the full KAABOO Cayman lineup. With the world-acclaimed Seven Mile Beach as the backdrop for KAABOO Cayman, “five senses under the sun” will take on a whole new meaning.

Dart Real Estate President Jackie Doak shares her experience as she attended KAABOO Del Mar with Dart colleagues last year. “I am thrilled for what’s to come and can’t wait for you to have your own unique experience,” Doak said. “I am asked often, ‘What is KAABOO?’ and ‘How will this music festival be different?’ so I decided to do a Q&A so you can read my answers on what you can expect and tips for first-time KAABOO goers.”

How did you hear of KAABOO?

I first heard of KAABOO through Virgin Produced’s CEO Jason Felts (pictured above next to Jackie). Virgin Produced, the entertainment arm of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, is a sister company to and investor in KAABOO. In 2015 Jason arranged a “Breakfast with Branson” event at Camana Bay where we invited students from across the island to ask him business questions. Our Minds Inspired students also had the opportunity to have breakfast with Sir Richard. Since then, Jason and I have become good friends and he mentioned KAABOO Del Mar to us and suggested a similar event in Cayman. Jason then introduced us the leadership team at KAABOO and well, here we are.

How would you describe your first KAABOO experience?

It truly is difficult to describe as I believe it is something you just need to experience to properly understand. But I’ll sum it up with this: incredibly intimate, engaging and memorable. I have to be honest and say, at first, I was hesitant to attend KAABOO Del Mar, as I naturally stay away from large crowds. They typically have 40,000+ attendees at the event. However, my concern was unwarranted. From the moment I arrived, I was amazed with the seamless arrival experience – a well-coordinated transportation hub, ample parking, and multiple entry areas depending on your pass level with minimal lines, despite having thousands of guests. It was extremely organised. At no point did I ever feel like I was jostling through crowds of people, standing in long lines for food or a beverage and more importantly a restroom (I should mention that restroom facilities at KABBOO are all air-conditioned). KAABOO achieves this in two ways. First, they offer an array of passes and set quantity caps to ensure everyone has a curated experience. Second, there are multiple stages and event venues where the music and comedy talent perform at the same time. Sorry to say, given the great lineup there are times when you have to choose which one to go to, not a bad problem to have.

As for the performances, I was blown away by Pink and Tom Petty. There are fun, unexpected events around every corner it seems, there was a pampering station where you could get your hair and nails done as well as giant live art murals being created. Entertainment and engagement surrounds you.

Jackie Doak, KAABOO Del Mar

The arena offered many different viewing platforms for unique experiences.

Which artists would you like to see perform live?

Hmmm, hard question. I have seen Peter Gabriel, Pink and Dave Matthews Band (DMB) perform live, but to see them here in Cayman and in such an intimate setting compared to their usual venues would be incredible. Actually I’m going to the DMB concert in Atlanta next week. It would be great to have them all perform in the Cayman Islands over the next few years as KAABOO Cayman is a multi-year festival. I have been known for my optimism!

What are you most looking forward to for KAABOO Cayman?

Uniting local and international talent in every aspect, from musical performances to the food and beverage scene – we are estimating 47 bars and 22 restaurants to cater. This festival will also drive economic benefits for Cayman, for those who are engaged to set up or work at the festival as well as for our hotel, transportation, retail and technology industries. Caymankind also shines through this event’s charitable giving component and I am pleased it will support these local charities: Feed our Future, the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands and the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

What advice would you give to first-time KAABOO goers?

  1. Buy your passes early or run the risk of them selling out. KAABOO is about quality over quantity; once their numbers are achieved in each ticket category, they won’t oversell.
  2. Rest up. Be prepared for an all-encompassing and memorable two-day event, filled with loads of entertainment – music, art and laughter – as well as culinary delights to keep you fuelled.
  3. Bring your island wear essentials: sunscreen, sunhats and cool clothing are must haves.
  4. Save space on your phone. You don’t want to miss a moment of the action by having to select other memories to delete to make space for the video and selfie moments.  Yes, this happened to me in Del Mar.
  5. Get ready to become addicted. Once you experience KAABOO you will never want to miss another one.

I guarantee once you experience KAABOO Cayman in February, you will want to KAABOO everywhere, every year. In fact you can almost KAABOO every quarter now as the festival has expanded – the original KAABOO Del Mar (September 2018), the new KAABOO Cayman (February 2019) and now, the recently announced festival KAABOO Dallas (May 2019).


See you there!



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