Temporary Road Closures at Camana Bay; New Esterley Tibbetts Highway Southbound Lane Opens

February 7, 2018Blog
ETH New Southbound Lane and Access to CB Map

Tomorrow (Thursday, February 8) the National Roads Authority (NRA) in partnership with development team Decco will officially open one of the new southbound lanes that borders the Esterley Tibbetts Highway median off the Camana Bay Town Centre Roundabout.

Vehicular traffic will shift onto this new lane while the existing lane closes. The closure of the existing lane will allow construction for the two additional southbound lanes. As a result, Maris Ave will also temporarily close until construction of the additional lanes is complete.

This marks yet another milestone in the Third Amendment to the NRA Agreement between the Cayman Islands Government and Dart Real Estate.

Additionally, alternating road closures are taking place off the Camana Bay Town Centre Roundabout on Nexus Way and Forum Lane over the next several weeks to facilitate utility and paving works required to reopen Emeritus Drive.

The accompanying map reflects the most convenient Camana Bay access routes, notably Bismarckia Way and Solaris Ave. Parents and faculty traveling to Cayman International School are encouraged to enter and exit the campus via Minerva Drive off the Camana Bay South Roundabout.

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