Unique things to do in the Cayman Islands: Explore Five Often Overlooked Design Details at Camana Bay

September 7, 2017Blog
Observation Tower

At Dart Real Estate, how we build is as important as what we build. Every detail matters to our development team. With that in mind, we hired some of the best artisans in the world to help craft the final touches at Camana Bay, our first development in the Cayman Islands that not only invites people to live, work and play, but has design elements that make people want to explore, linger and thrive.

Here are five subtle features that showcase artistic, natural or local charm throughout the Town Centre. If you are looking for some unique things to do on your Cayman Islands vacation, these design features are worth exploring.

Observation Tower, Camana Bay

Dive the Bloody Bay Wall

The 75-foot Observation Tower has a striking floor-to-ceiling underwater mosaic display comprised of more than three million iridescent tiles, which mimics the experience of scuba diving Little Cayman’s famous Bloody Bay Wall. This is a really cool thing to do in the Cayman Islands, particularly if you are a non-diver. There are two ways to walk up and down the tower; this double helix staircase is a design originally created by Leonardo da Vinci. At night, the Tower resembles a lantern with golden light escaping through its louvered façade.

Camana Bay

Waves Flow through the Streets

Along The Paseo, there are coloured paver blocks that create a wave pattern which flows through the street. The best way to see this view is from the top of the Observation Tower. Not only does this pay homage to Camana Bay’s connectivity to the sea, but also modulates the heat and reflection of the sun through a combination of light and dark colours.

Camana Bay

Breezeways Funnel Trade Winds

Two passageways connect The Crescent to the nearby Cassia and Canella courtyards. The purpose of these routes is to help funnel winds from the North Sound into the Town Centre, keeping the area cool and welcoming. Each one is adorned with a 75-foot mosaic; the blue one reflects water droplets and the red one is a sea anemone. Fun fact: a model of Camana Bay was tested in a wind tunnel in Toronto to ensure the town’s orientation benefited from these breezes.

Camana Bay

Shadows of Plant + Marine Life

Make sure to cast your eyes up to look at the light fixtures lining The Paseo, there is an array of lanterns that gently sway along the sidewalks and the metal fixtures include abstract designs of plant and marine life projecting patterns of light and shadow. The lighting is designed to come on gently at twilight and gradually become brighter as darkness sets in. As are all lighting in Camana Bay, these fixtures are equipped with LED bulbs.

Camana Bay

One-of-a-Kind Seating

The bubble benches in Jasmine Court, near Regal Cinemas are the only ones in the world. These benches glow at night in azure blue, bright orange and deep sea green colours, creating a sense of water ripples and air bubbles rising from the sea. On The Crescent, you can rest or climb on huge boulders – these were all mined locally.

For more fun things to do at Camana Bay visit camanabay.com.

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