SOC II-certified Camana Bay data centre

When you lease a full or half rack in the Camana Bay data centre, you can save costs on installing and maintaining an IT server room within your office premises, allowing for more usable space.

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SOC II certified

Our tier 3 colocation data centre in Grand Cayman earned the Service Organization Control II standard accreditation. The attainment of this certification confirms that the Camana Bay data centre has achieved this industry benchmark for management controls, and aligns the data centre with global technology standards.

This certification is granted to organisations who meet certain standards of control for technology operations that govern security, availability, information privacy and confidentiality. Issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA,) the certification can be seen as the Institute’s stamp of approval that the IT service provider has adhered to the appropriate controls for data centre operations.

“This is part of our ongoing efforts to maintain alignment with global technology standards and ensure that Camana Bay continues to be the premier location for companies that rely on high-quality technology infrastructure for their operations,” said Christian Blais, Dart's senior vice president of information technology.

“The main backbone infrastructure to all buildings is already installed and ready for use,” explained Data Centre Administrator for Dart, Reynaldo Powery. “Tenants only need to complete the end connections. For those tenants not currently using the data centre, there is a negligible cabling cost for a server rack-to-office connection. The connection speed would be as if the servers were in their office, so it’s an attractive option for those wanting this secure service.”

If you are not a Camana Bay tenant but are interested in renting a rack, the Dart Real Estate Leasing team can walk you through the process. “We have all Internet service providers located in the data centre for ease of connections for those outside of Camana Bay,” Reynaldo added.

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Data centres remain an important need for businesses with offshore operations for multiple reasons, including: data sovereignty; intellectual property; security and more.

Our data centre reinforces security and uptime by ensuring the required safeguards and procedures are in place. It is located in a secure, unmarked facility and staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The data centre also boasts CCTV, bullet-resistant doors, magnetic lock fob and biometric scanning, as well as anytime access for your IT professionals.

Find out more about the benefits of the data centre versus the cloud from Dart’s own Senior Vice President Information Technology, Christian Blais.


SOC II certified
Secured location
Secure access
Staffed 24/7
Backup generator


US$1,800 for half rack
US$3,000 for full rack


Minimum five-year lease




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