Dart Real Estate’s philosophy is centered on placemaking, capitalising on the community’s assets, inspiration and potential, with the intention of creating spaces that promote people’s health, happiness and well-being. We recognise that, as developers, we are planting the seeds for the future growth of the Cayman Islands and that we are tasked with the responsibility of raising Cayman Island’s profile in development and sustainability.

This philosophy informs our decisions and the development process from start to finish; from initial vision to the crafting of the design narrative to development and construction to programming and management.

Each development we embark – whether we’re breaking ground on a new project, forging ahead with an ongoing development or revisiting an incomplete concept – is done so with an open mind and the belief that all developments must grow organically, as economic demands change and the community’s needs fluctuate.


The outlook for Camana Bay is blossoming as more commercial businesses move into the Town Centre, the Cayman International School expands, residents aspire to call this village their home and we explore new ways to bring everyday conveniences to those who work, live, play and learn here.

Construction is underway for a 60,000-square-foot supermarket and will welcome Foster’s Food Fair to its roster of tenants. The building’s design will incorporate an abundance of natural light, a dining area within the store, outdoor seating and solar panels on both structures.

A new commercial building neighboring 89 Nexus Way and the Esterley Tibbetts Highway is expected to break ground in 2019. The building will become the Dart Group’s headquarters.

A pedestrian subway linking Camana Bay and the Cayman International School to the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands and the future home of Cayman Rugby is another planned project. The passageway is the first of its kind in the Cayman Islands and was purposefully built in such a way that it will allow school students and rugby players and spectators to cross the Esterley Tibbetts Highway without needing to maneuver around vehicular traffic.

The development team at Camana Bay are also exploring opportunities to build further residential assets to accommodate the growing demand to live within or nearby the Town Centre. Several ideas are being considered, including single-family homes and high-efficiency apartments.


Five-Star Resort

Since 2015, Dart Real Estate has been analyzing luxury hotel brands that will elevate the Cayman Islands’ tourism industry and complement Dart Real Estate’s approach as a developer in the Caribbean. Preliminary master planning for this future five-star resort is underway and is planned to be built on the west coast of Grand Cayman near Camana Bay.

Grand Cayman Beach Suites

In some ways, the Grand Cayman Beach Suites hotel is iconic and historical for the Cayman Islands. Plans to reopen the boutique hotel are advancing. Designs will reflect the vernacular of the destination with a forward look to how travelers want to spend their vacation time.


Community Bike & Walking Trail

While residents and visitors of the Cayman Islands continue to enjoy the Community Bike & Walking Trail that hugs the coastline from the Seven Mile Public Beach to the northern end of Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa, work continues on the next phase of the trail.

When completed, the trail will span two miles along Seven Mile Beach, winding through ecosystems of mangroves and wetlands transitioning to woodlands of indigenous trees and along designated bike lanes on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway. The eastern end of the trail will wind its way to the Cayman Islands Yacht Club, connecting visitors to North Sound excursions with local operators, from mangrove kayaking to boat trips to Stingray City.