Cayman Compass: Dart’s Bridge to the Future

September 29, 2016Media Clippings

By Editorial Board, Cayman Compass

The front page of Thursday’s [Cayman] Compass featured two photos of the new bridge at Camana Bay linking the main town center to the Festival Green area.

Although the photos themselves were visually appealing, we didn’t give them so much prominence out of purely aesthetic reasons. Rather, the burgeoning Maris Avenue Bridge is, to us, an outward sign of the Dart Group’s hopes and plans for their future in the Cayman Islands.

The roughly 100-foot-long, 18-foot-high bridge certainly doesn’t rank among Dart’s largest or most expensive projects. It is, however, currently one of the most visible — as thousands of residents, workers and visitors can easily monitor the progress of construction from their vantage point on The Crescent.

Given that it was originally designed for a condominium project that has been stymied (by the Progressives government’s summary disposal of Dart’s proposal to close the neighboring George Town Landfill), the fact that the bridge is still being built is symbolic of Dart’s unwavering commitment to Cayman in the long term, regardless of the comparatively ephemeral caprices of individual administrations.

Because of the scale of Dart’s Kimpton project, much of our attention (and that of the country) has been focused on that single resort property, which will open in a few short weeks. But a Dart project that is arguably more significant, in the broader scheme of things and to the daily lives of Grand Cayman residents, is the “low-profile” construction of the Esterly Tibbetts Highway underpass, as well as the highway expansion all the way to the Butterfield roundabout.

In case you aren’t already convinced, their buildings, roads and infrastructure projects should prove that Dart is here to stay in Grand Cayman — and for good.

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