Cayman Compass: New Festival Bridge at Camana Bay Takes Shape

September 28, 2016Media Clippings

By James Whittaker, Pinnacle Media 

The six giant beams that will form the backbone of a new bridge at Camana Bay swung into place this week.

Using a large crane, Decco, Dart’s development management company, moved the 95-foot beams into place for the new Maris Avenue Bridge, which will connect the central island and Festival Green to the mainland.

Dart estimates that the bridge, the first of its kind in Grand Cayman, will be completed early next year.

The bridge will provide access from the town center to Festival Green, the site of a tennis court and helipad and the location for events like the Taste of Cayman festival and the Legends Tennis tournament.

The dirt causeway which currently provides access to the island will be removed once the bridge construction is complete.

The bridge will span 100 feet across the water and will include pedestrian and cycle paths. Boats extending up to 18 feet above the water level will be able to pass under the bridge to enter Camana Bay Harbour.

Dart says the purpose of building the bridge is to help provide swift, pedestrian and cycle-friendly access to Festival Green. As Camana Bay continues to expand, Dart says it is keen to ensure connectivity between locations.

Speaking to the Cayman Islands Journal in July last year, Dart’s Chief Executive Officer Mark VanDevelde said the bridge was originally designed for the 101 condominiums project, and the decision was made to build the bridge now even though that project was put on hold.

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