Grand Cayman Magazine: A Time for Celebration and Innovation

October 22, 2018Media Clippings

The islands are marking a significant milestone – the 60th anniversary of the creation of the coat of arms. A symbol of national identity, it lay the foundation for what has become modern-day Cayman, with Celebrate Cayman events taking place to showcase the island’s culture, history and community.

Cayman has made remarkable progress since the emblem was introduced in 1958. In the early days, Caymanians relied mainly on fishing and farming – living off the land and sea. But the island underwent rapid development. In the mid-1960s legislation was passed to take advantage of the country’s status as a tax-free jurisdiction, ushering in the start of Cayman’s ascent into the financial services world.

In the 1970s, as infrastructure developed, the island began a major transformation from an isolated seafaring community – the nation was once known as “the islands time forgot” – to a sophisticated offshore financial center and first-class tourism destination.

remier Alden McLaughlin spoke about the importance of Celebrate Cayman earlier this year. “It is important to pause, to look back and reflect on where we’ve come from and celebrate key moments in our history,” he said. “We are proud of what we have achieved in the 60 years since it was granted and with how far we have come as a country…”

And it’s about to go farther as Grand Cayman is experiencing unprecedented economic growth and development. Numerous projects are springing up across the island, from West Bay to East End. That includes major projects by the Dart group, government, Health City Cayman Islands and Cayman Enterprise City along with numerous residential developments.

Cayman is once again undergoing a transformation that will create jobs, attract more visitors, diversify the economy and build a brighter tomorrow. And that, indeed, is reason to celebrate.


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