Inside Out: A Coastal Community, Salt Creek

May 9, 2011Media Clippings
Salt Creek

By Joanna Lewis

The concept of community seems like a relic from days gone by.

But at Salt Creek, Dart Realty’s stunning, canal-front development, community is at the heart of the emerging neighbourhood.

Located within the breathtaking surrounds of North Sound, a stone’s throw from bustling Seven Mile Beach, Salt Creek is a place where tradition and modernity exist in harmony; a place where community is not an abstract idea and where contemporary family life is given space to thrive.

“Salt Creek is a gem that most people aren’t familiar with,” says John Hillman, director of residential sales for Dart Realty. “We wanted to create a place that had a neighbourhood feel, but also had consistency and quality.”

Home to 22 waterfront lots, ranging in size from a quarter acre to an acre, the development captures the attention to detail and exceptional standards that have come to define Dart Realty’s residential projects. Marrying contemporary living with traditional coastal design, Salt Creek is unlike any community in Cayman.

Salt Creek

“At Salt Creek, the architecture was planned both individually and collectively,” John says of the development, which will feature two phases. “So much thought has gone into Salt Creek, in the amenities, the finishes, the architecture, the environment. It is one of the few neighbourhoods in Cayman to have its own architectural covenants.

“We wanted Salt Creek to be close to everything, only minutes from Seven Mile Beach, but yet feel like it was far away.”

Salt Creek is positioned at the site of the former Cayman Turtle Farm, in a small enclave overlooking the waterways of North Sound. The history of the location has not been lost. Dart Realty was careful not to disrupt the environmental sensitivities of the area, preferring to work with the landscape rather than against it. To this end, homeowners are severely restricted in what they can do to the mangroves and are allowed only to remove mangroves for dock space. This allows for the repopulation of the mangroves, which in turn has a positive effect on the sea life.

Salt Creek

John says it is an example of the level of thought and care that has gone into the project. Every aspect of Salt Creek has been designed to create the ideal location for the homeowner.

A range of amenities, including tennis courts, a children’s playground, and a neighbourhood park, accentuate the feeling of community and provide ample room for recreation.

Sidewalks and trails encourage residents to have fun with fitness and enjoy the island’s perpetual sunshine.

Lush landscaping, designed by Sandy Urquhart, evokes the beauty of Cayman’s natural surroundings and provides the utmost privacy for residents. The common areas are maintained by Camana Bay Nursery, which ensures every species of plant works within Salt Creek’s unique climate and environmental conditions.

There is a strong connection between the homes and the water, as every lot has views of the canal and a private boat dock.

Salt Creek

“The amenities and the landscaping were not afterthoughts,” John explains. “The amenities were one of the first things we did, and the homeowners really enjoy them. The kids in the neighbourhood play together in the parks. The homes are very focused on the connection between outdoors and indoors. The landscaping is very detailed and the homes seem to blend into the surroundings.

“We wanted to create a neighbourhood that spoke to the notion of community. We wanted open spaces that would encourage neighbours to connect with one another.”

When it came to the architecture, the homes were based around a style that John describes as “traditional coastal living”. There was no overall architect for the project; rather, homeowners commission their choice of architect, as long as the chosen firm adheres to Salt Creek’s architectural guidelines. John believes the aesthetic captures the romance and casual elegance of Cayman’s coastal lifestyle.

Salt Creek

Salt Creek’s superior quality, unparalleled amenities and dedication to community has proved popular with investors, with approximately half of the first phase sold. John believes the development will continue to surpass expectations, as more homeowners are drawn to the combination of location and quality.

“That neighbourhood feel is something that existed in Cayman before,” he says. “So many new neighbourhoods are being developed, but
they don’t have that sense of community of Salt Creek.”

Community, comfort and care; the very definition of luxury living.

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