Real Life Magazine: Salt Creek, Grand Cayman

October 1, 2012Media Clippings
Salt Creek

By Caroline Key

Amidst the delicate whisper of graceful palms and the dancing light on the water’s edge you will find the secluded haven of Salt Creek. Enter this alluring idyll and an overwhelming sense of calm embraces you. Here serenity is visceral, palpable in the mature trees that line the street, the gentle laughter of children playing and the peek-a-boo of the glistening sea beyond. A community of canal-front homes on the northwest shore of North Sound, Grand Cayman, Salt Creek is perfect for those with an affinity for natural beauty and a desire for a luxurious water-front lifestyle. Elegant homes, overlooking tranquil waterways and intricate mangrove forests, blend effortlessly with the landscape to create a welcoming atmosphere in harmony with its surroundings. Valuing the environment as much the as form and function of the home, Salt Creek is undoubtedly a true piece of heaven.

Over the years this rare treasure has been a sanctuary to many – Salt Creek was once home to the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm – and thanks to the Developer, Dart Realty, life in this peaceful inlet will continue to flourish with environmentally aware building techniques being highly encouraged and special covenants in place to protect the wetland areas. “Salt Creek is a very special place. I used to fish here as a child and even now that it is more developed it has maintained the same natural beauty.,” explains James Whittaker, Managing Director of Green Tech and developer of Bella Verde, Salt Creek’s newest environmentally conscious home, scheduled to break ground early 2013. It was this childhood memory of whiling away the hours in the pristine waters of the enchanting creek that brought together GreenTech, its LEED Design team Environmental Dynamics Inc. and Dart Realty to create Bella Verde, the first property in the Caribbean poised to earn a Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. A Caribbean style home inspired by its natural surroundings, Bella Verde embraces the essence of outdoor living. With extensive patio space, including an outdoor kitchen, dining area and infinity pool, a boat dock, two-car garage and games room, Bella Verde offers all of life’s luxuries in an eco-friendly way. Designed to be energy-efficient, durable and as environmentally friendly as possible, this progressive, five-bedroom home – will be built seven feet above sea level and set in one third of an acre – defining luxurious, sustainable living. Insulated concrete, high-efficiency fittings and state-of-the-art energy systems ensure a high level of energy efficiency without sacrificing any creature comforts within the 4,400-square-foot interior. Consider the photovoltaic cells, retractable solar shade screens and strategic passive landscaping and it should come as no surprise that Bella Verde will reduce energy consumption by more than 50% over a conventional home.

Salt Creek

The home, however, is more than just a quest for the ultimate in green design. Part of a larger plan, the carefully constructed community offers like minded families a high-end resort setting, complete with tennis courts, walking trails and security gate access, in a environmentally-harmonious manner where they can share in the pleasures of a tropical lifestyle while enjoying their dream home. Less than a mile from the shopping, dining and entertainment of Camana Bay, and walking distance to the soft sands of Seven Mile Beach, Salt Creek also provides access to world-class diving and fishing from each home’s private dock.

Devoted to a continuity of design while ensuring each owner’s vision for their home is realised, Salt Creek offers a safe, luxuriously unique community where children can play and parents can relax. It seems here dreams can become reality.

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