The Residences at Seafire Blog: Sustainability at Seafire

October 1, 2016Media Clippings

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, but a way of life at The Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa and The Residences at Seafire.

As one of less than 200 LEED® Silver certified resort-residential properties worldwide, Seafire features best in class-sustainable design, building practices and operations. Here’s some quick facts:

Sustainability from the Ground Up

The resort and residences sit on the site of the former Courtyard Marriott hotel and the concrete rubble left over from the demolition of the hotel was used as fill in preparation of the Seafire construction site. Additionally the pavers at the hotel site are partially composed of recycled glass produced by Dart Real Estate’s glass crushing facility.

Keepin’ Coola for Less Moola

With average temperatures of 85 degrees Fahrenheit, air-conditioning is a must in Cayman. However, keeping cool can have a high financial cost. Enter geothermal air conditioning. Seafire has the distinction of having the most efficient ground-source geothermal air-conditioning system in the Cayman Islands which is up to 40% more efficient than traditional systems.

Sustainable Lighting, Inside and Out

Seafire’s lighting is sustainable, inside and out. The lighting inside the resort and the residences makes use of LED lights exclusively. LED bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs as well as releasing less heat energy lessening the need for air conditioning.

Seven Mile Beach is home to a small, but significant population of nesting sea turtles. To help preserve this population all outdoor lighting near the beach at Seafire is turtle-friendly, meaning that all light is angled downwards to prevent it from shining on the beach as nesting turtles and hatchlings confuse artificial light with the moonlight that directs them towards the sea.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Solar energy just makes sense on an island with more than 240 sunny days per year. The resort and residences generate energy via a 143 thousands Watt solar array, one of the largest in the Cayman Islands.

Set in Harmony with Nature

Resort and Residential buildings set back beyond the high water mark: With a generous 12-acre site, the design team was able to locate the structures east of the natural vegetation line. This allows for the beach’s natural dynamic movement, preventing beach erosion.

No Rainy Day is Wasted at Seafire

On occasions it rains in paradise, and those rainy days are never wasted at Seafire. Several large cisterns on-site collect rainwater which is then used to water the lush landscape of the resort grounds. Additionally a reverse osmosis system desalinates the brackish groundwater (a by-product of the geothermal cooling process) to supplement the harvested rain water. Additionally the landscaping design makes extensive use of native plants that, on average, require less water than their exotic counterparts.

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