Vegan Mos: The Kimpton Seafire: How Grand, Indeed!

November 29, 2017Media Clippings
Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa

Words + photo by: Ethan Ciment

We first visited the Cayman Islands when it was a port of call on an Atlantis Caribbean Cruise vacation we took, back in 2014. It was a short visit, disembarking at 10 am with an all-aboard of 5 pm. But in that full day, there was plenty for us to do. We knew there were vegan-friendly food options on the island (thanks Happy Cow!) and, being taken in by the blazing sunshine, warm water and soft powdery sands of Seven Mile Beach, we knew we needed come back.

Our second visit to the Island was again as a port of call, this time on an RSVP Caribbean Cruise. Better prepared from our initial visit, we disembarked early for a full day that began with a sumptuous breakfast at Bread and Chocolate, followed by lounging on the beach all morning, a jaunt over to Island Naturals for lunch, followed by more beach and ocean. This time, we promised each other that we’d be back. After all, The Caymans are a short daily direct flight (under 4 hours) from New York City and it’s the perfect warm and sunny getaway from a bleary New York City winter.

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