President’s Update: June 21, 2017

June 21, 2017Newsletters
Camana Bay Roundabout

Brilliant placemaking is made possible by effective infrastructure. We are excited to see many of our roadworks projects come to life over the next few months. On Monday, 26 June, the National Roads Authority (NRA) will officially open the new Camana Bay Roundabout and vehicular underpass. To facilitate this, the Esterley Tibbetts Highway (ETH) between the Century 21 and Butterfield roundabouts will be closed as of Sunday morning, 25 June, and traffic will be diverted to West Bay Road. The ETH will reopen to vehicular traffic on Monday morning, with drivers using the new carriageways.

Drive Through Cayman’s First Underpass

For the first time in the Cayman Islands, motorists will drive through an underpass! Effective 26 June, southbound traffic will be diverted onto the new highway through the underpass after travelling around the Century 21 Roundabout. Those driving northbound from George Town heading towards Camana Bay and West Bay will continue to drive along the recently opened carriageway and will be redirected onto the new three-lane Camana Bay Roundabout and through the underpass. To view and download a graphic of the new road network, click here.

Camana Bay Vehicular Underpass

NRA Opens New Three-Lane Roundabout

On 26 June, the NRA will also open the new Camana Bay Roundabout. In order to prepare drivers for the transition and introduce Cayman’s first three-lane roundabout, the NRA has created a video that emphasizes how to properly maneuver a roundabout with three lanes. Takeaways from the video are motorists should know ahead of time where to exit, choose their lanes accordingly and always signal when exiting. You can watch the full NRA guidance video here.

Esterley Tibbetts Highway

How Do I Get to Work?

If you work in the Camana Bay Town Centre, the new road network will affect your route. Commuters from West Bay and Britannia may choose to exit on Bismarckia Way, off the Century 21 Roundabout, rather than proceed through the underpass. They can also proceed through the underpass and onto the new roundabout, exiting left onto the old ETH and through Forum Lane. Those travelling from George Town will also enter the new roundabout and follow the old ETH to Forum Lane. 

Pedestrian Ramp at Camana Bay

Pedestrian Passage with Overpass Opening

Travelling by foot and wondering how the new road system will affect your commute? We’ve got you covered. In addition to the new Camana Bay Roundabout and underpass opening this Monday, the new ramped pedestrian path will also be accessible for public use and will take persons travelling between West Bay Road and Camana Bay up and over the new underpass, circumventing all vehicular traffic. Don’t miss the panoramic view of both Seven Mile Beach and the North Sound from the top of the ramp.

Old ETH - Emeritus Drive

Introducing Emeritus Drive

With the opening of the realigned highway, the road through Camana Bay running past Books & Books and the Cayman Mac Store has a new name: Emeritus Drive. The new road name, meaning “retired with honour”, speaks to its years of service as a bypass and its history with one of Cayman’s first landscaped medians. The current southbound lane of Emeritus Drive will be widened to accommodate two lanes of slow moving traffic. Most of Emeritus Drive’s distinctive landscaping, which served as a favourite wedding photo location in its early days, will remain in place.

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