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Camana Bay – Data Centre

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The Camana Bay Data Centre is located within an unmarked facility, with controlled access at all times.

square feet

No RSF Available


Data centre


Camana Bay


Ready for use


- 11 full/half racks available
- Tier III (standard level) SOC 2 Type II-certified data centre
- Secured location
- Secure access
- Staffed 24/7
- Dual backup generators
- Redundant UPS power to each customer rack
- Three levels of air conditioning redundancy plus dual cooling sources


US$1,800 half rack | US$3,000 for full rack

contact agent

[email protected]


Available for immediate lease, full and half racks in Camana Bay’s Tier III (standard level) SOC 2 Type II-certified data centre. Securely staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the data centre provides an opportunity to save costs on installing and maintaining an IT server room within your office premises, allowing for more usable space within your office. Located at a secure location within Camana Bay, the data centre boasts CCTV, bullet-resistant doors, magnetic lock fob and biometric scanning, as well as access for your IT professionals 24/7. SOC 2 certification reinforces security and uptime by ensuring the required safeguards and procedures are in place.

Equipped with three 22-tonne CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units with dual cooling, this presents an ideal alternative to in-house options. Installed and ready for use, tenants need only to complete the end connections for a seamless transition. Complete with robust backup generators for double redundancy to ensure your business continuity.

Included in rental are facilities for power, cooling, and physical security for servers and other telecoms/IT equipment.

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